Thursday, May 17, 2018

Dear AuthorBytes Client,

You may have heard or read about the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will go into effect May 25, 2018. GDPR is the EU's attempt to protect its citizens' private data.

How does GDPR impact your site?

GDPR applies to you whether you're an individual or company, even if you don’t have a presence in the EU. (AuthorBytes sites are all hosted in the U.S.) GDPR dictates that, at a minimum, your site must comply with the following requirements:

  1. All forms that collect personal user data must be opt-in and ask for the user’s consent.

  2. Users of your site must be able to review their data that you may retain and have the ability to opt-out or remove this data through a Data Access Request Form.

  3. A Terms of Service document and Privacy Policy that notifies users of the data that your site collects.

Note: If your site has other unique features such as an online store or other data collection features, there may be additional steps necessary for compliance.

How do you make your site compliant?

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to ensure that your site is fully compliant with GDPR and any other privacy regulations in the US and abroad. (Just as it is your responsibility to ensure that your site's content does not violate copyright or trademark laws.) That said, as a courtesy, AuthortBytes is offering, at no charge, the following:

  1. A Terms of Service document and Privacy Policy on your WordPress site. The documents will be based on the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy released under the Creative Commons Sharealike license by Automattic, the makers of WordPress. Links to the documents will appear in your site's footer.

  2. Functionality that provides users of your site with the ability to securely access their own personal data collected via WordPress comments and forms and request for the data to be deleted. A link to the data removal functionality will also appear in your site's footer.

Next Step

You can provide AuthorBytes with your own Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, or you can request that AuthorBytes add both of the aforementioned Automattic policy documents. To do so, click the button below; a request form will be displayed. Fill out and submit the form and AuthorBytes will add the Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Data Access Request Form to your site.

Click here to request AuthorBytes to install the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Data Access Request Form.

If you do not click the above link, the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Data Access Request Form will not be installed on your site.

If you have more questions about GDPR

The content contained in this email is not legal advice and is presented for informational purposes only. At this early stage of GDPR's roll out, AuthorBytes is providing these suggestions to site owners as a courtesy. If you would like additional information (or actual legal advice), please consult your legal counsel.

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