How to embed YouTube videos on your site

1) Locate the YouTube video you’d like to embed and click the “Share” button. Then click the “embed” option and copy the code that is displayed.

2) Log into your site and navigate to the page you would like to edit (“Pages” -> “All Pages” -> click the page you want to edit)

3) From the edit page screen you should see two options for viewing and editing the main box: “Visual” and “Text.” Click Text

4) Place your curser where you’d like the video embedded.

5) Paste in the embed code that you copied in Step 1. If you click back to Visual view, an empty gray or yellow box may appear in the text area. Note that you won’t be able to view the actual video until you update and view the page.

6) Click the blue “Update” button on the right.

7) Now when you view the live page, the video will display. That’s it!

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